It was an idea, became a discussion, experiments and after iterations, now our Mission.


Our Services are guided by the most respected Professionals and Academicians across the Planet.

Our Senior Advisory Council:

Prof. Dr. Gautam Raj Jain
Prof. Dr. Vincent Ribiere
Prof. Dr. Pierre Balloffet
Dr. Paul Hector
Rudolf Dsouza

The Core Team

Philippe Ryser Director of the Board
Arun Murthy Battula Founder Director
Dr. Ann Reddipogu Consulting Partner
Prasenjit Das Purkastha Consulting Partner


Next Steps…

We are approachable. Before you make your key decisions in Investment of Capital, Resources and emotions into your new Projects, and expanding the scope of existing Programs, consult us!

We have Tools and Methods that can help identify your Potential and enable decisions based on it.

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